World Of Wine

As importers, we are your ideal partner for exclusive South African wines and other typical South African spirits with the focus on the best price-quality


  • Next to our offices in Komen, we have a large bonded warehouse where we easily receive 40 ft containers every month from Cape Town.
  • We are a small and very dedicated team, with the advantage that the contact is always in a personal and professional way, so nobody ends up “just being a number”.
  • Our clients are: specialty stores in wines and spirits, wine boutiques and wine depts of supermarkets.
  • Supporting our clients regarding the sales to their clients:
    • The private person as well as the restaurant and hotel industry is also of the utmost importance to us, because they are the customers of our customers.
    • Hence, we are involved in a lot of tastings all over the country on a regular basis.

  • We, ourselves, do not sell either: online, nor to the hospitality industry or private individuals, that is explicitly the domain of our customers and we respect that.

Dirk Vaeye & Natascha Proost